It may be small, but it still counts as being published, right?

Narrative MagazineFive hours ago I received an email from Narrative magazine congratulating me on having my teensy story accepted for publication. I’m so happy that I  feel like puking.

Narrative magazine! How I love that publication.

If you don’t already have the phone app, you really should, because it’s rad.

So what, you might ask, would anyone want to read on a tiny phone screen?

Well a tiny story, of course.

Which is what I wrote.  A mere 150 words. I am sick excited.

I really got an acceptance. Me. For reals. Should I tell people?

Or is it like right after you pee on the stick and a plus shows up and you know you’re pregnant, but you have to wait three months because you might lose the baby in the first trimester?

Will I lose this baby?

I just checked the email again and it’s still in my inbox. There’s a formal-looking pdf contract I have to sign and mail (yes, snail mail or fax) back.

The letter says the editors would be pleased to publish my story in an upcoming issue. Pretty straightforward. Legit. And I even get $250. Like a real writer!

It’s only 150 words, but it still counts as being published, right?

I mean, I LOVE Narrative’s tiny istories. That’s why I sent one in the first place. I’m a tiny story lover.

Check out this super delicious istory called Ravishing Pink in the current issue.

I love this one; I read it on my phone. And also these four.

Soon my little story’s gonna be there, too. It may be small, but it’s big to me.

25 thoughts on “It may be small, but it still counts as being published, right?

  1. I remember when I got my first short story published. I was so excited! It was in my university’s honors journal, but that got circulated around a lot of different universities in America. Well done! Everything counts. People like what you have to say, and want to read the thoughts that you have. Keep it up!

      • haha it isn’t! Of course it isn’t. You put a little piece of yourself into that work, and sent it fluttering off into the void, and lo! It found a home. It will happen again. Your voice will resonate, and people will listen. Don’t ever, ever give up.

  2. Congratulations! Wow, this is such wonderful news. Makes me feel all happy and tingly. So excited for you. I don’t have a phone that can display stories, but I sure want to read yours.
    Don’t puke–celebrate!

    • Oooh! Hope you like the app. Are you familiar with Narrative?

      Truly, Carrie, thank you so much for all your support this past year. This piece wouldn’t even EXIST without you. I know it’s corny, but you’ve made a big difference in my writing life. I think the world of you,

  3. You must be walking on air. I’m so happy your excellent work has been recognized and is about to be published!

    • Yes, Suzanne, I’m cautiously excited. Until the deal’s done, I’ll still be a bit nervous about the whole thing, but it feels good to have a bit of validation (even if it’s tiny) along this somewhat grueling writing road. I know you understand. And I thank you so deeply for the role you’ve played in my growth over the last few years. Big hugs to you, my friend.

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