Writer Girls Who Make Me Scream

Me with writer gal pals Sydney (left) and Carrie (right)

Today I wanna celebrate. Partly because I’m sick of my own Sad Sackery, but mostly because there are so many amazing writer girls in my world and I WANNA SCREAM ABOUT THEM! So I’m gonna.

Course I’m psyched that Alice Munro won the 2013 Noble Prize in Literature, and I love that she’s willing to share her wisdom about storywriting and her wisdom about being a writer and about being a human.

Carrie MADE that hat.

Carrie MADE that hat.

Guess that’s what storywriting is all about. Smart lady, that Alice Munro.

In addition to Alice Munro, I wanna celebrate my smart and funny and non-gallbladder-having friend Carrie Mesrobian. You should read her delicious novel Sex and Violence and her blog and hilarious Tumblr posts, and also check out this guest post on why girls like broken boys on the excellent blog Wrapped Up In BooksSo. Gooooood. 

Carrie can also knit. 

FAULTLINEAnd she has this super swell friend named Christa Desir who wrote a book called Fault Line, which I read in one day because I loved it so much. Christa is a fearless ass-kicker for writing this book. You can buy it because it just came out TODAY. So do.

Erica Lorraine Scheidt wrote a brave, kick-ass book, too. Uses for Boys. Erica’s rad and she let me interview her and I wanna shout about her, too.

blowpoppinYou don’t know these writer girls yet, but I have the great pleasure of meeting up each month with Dawn and Grace and Carmen. The four of us make up the writing group we modestly refer to as Hotchix. Cuz obviously, we’re hot. And we’re chix. Those three girls are seriously hot, though. You will know them someday.

photo 4I wanna shout about Karen Irwin who teaches writing and occasionally graces the News Tribune with her thoughts and opinions, but most importantly, meets me at a shithole Mexican restaurant in Nowheresville so we can kibitz about life and kids and writing while shoving chips and salsa in our faces. Karen, I love you WAAAAAAY more than those chips.


I wanna shout about Christine Robbins who inspires me every day with her amazing attitude toward illness and her ability to write about it. Apparently, the Georgia Review is also impressed by her.

ellenI wanna shout about Ellen McLaughlin, the beautiful actor and playwright who I had the great pleasure of spending a week with at Hedgebrook years ago.

Ellen, I think of you often. Because you are THAT cool.

I wanna shout about Sherry N., who recently posted a brave and beautiful note to her friends about her cancer. Sherry, what you wrote and the way you wrote it moved me beyond anything I expected. Bravo. Thinking about you today.

To all my fellow Rainier Writing Workshop Girls in the Class of 2014: Woot! We’re almost graduates! Sydney and Kari and Jen, thanks for representing at Carrie’s launch.

To all the girl bloggers out there–like Julie and Dawn and Aubrey and Hannah and Amy and SO MANY MORE–Keep writing!

To all you readers of girl writers. THANK YOU. Keep doing that. 

Cuz girls write good stories. Obviously.

Thanks yous alls for letting me spew out some love today. I had excess.


P.S. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the amazing writer girls in my life, so if you don’t see yourself here, don’t get all in a twitch or anything. These are just a few gals I’ve been thinking about lately. No bigs. I got plenty of love for you, too.

9 thoughts on “Writer Girls Who Make Me Scream

  1. You’ve been on my mind a lot lately girlie. Girls rock and we write like rock stars. I love that you’re showing love to female writers, and sharing some great links. I appreciate that you’ve included me in there, because I think of YOU as kick ass writer, who I admire and look to for inspiration. I know you’ve been in a hard place, but remember, there are plenty of us who see your sparkle. f

      • I’m not sure about the views thing…I mean, I don’t think I’m the expert on that subject. I try to write stuff that’s interesting (to me, at least) and try to keep my posts as error-free as possible. I share with my FB friend and on Twitter (when I remember). And I try to visit and comment on other blogs I like. That’s about it… GOOD LUCK!

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