Speed Date

Here is where I reveal stuff about me, including my love for pleasing, cuddly-type things. Let’s start with my Dwarf Nigerian goaties. I heart them mucho. The blue-eyed girl is Beth and the brown-eyed boy is Lucky.


Other animals I love include my cat, Lizzie, and my dog, Itsy. Salmon and owls and foxes also are excellent, as are my ten chickens that all are hens because ROOSTERS SUCK.


Next let us discuss food. I love El Pinto Hot Salsa (with sour cream mixed in is especially good). Endangered Species Smooth Milk Chocolate (the one with the otter on the front) and Dove Milk Chocolates (for their convenient size) also are delicious.

More delights for the taste buds include:

  • Mashed Potatoes (from actual potatoes–I prefer yellow–with butter and sour cream)
  • Amy’s Organic Chili (Medium)
  • Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup
  • Coffee from Washington roasters like Olympia Coffee Roasting Company and Batdorf & Bronson.
  • Haagen Daz Vanilla Chocolate Chip ice cream, and also Caramel Cone.

Lastly, clothes. These are my fav articles of clothing that all begin with the letter “s.”

  • Slippers
  • Scarves
  • Stretchy skirts
  • Sleeping Bag Coat (modeled by me below)monice (800x715)

Now that you know these random things, what are your favorites?

It’s okay. You can tell me anything.

Leave a Reply, Please. I love me some comments.

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